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How Much Does It Cost?

AVACEN 100 Consumer Device: $2,995

  • 25 AVACEN Mitts ($19.95 value) – $0
  • 3-Year Consumer Warranty – 500 hours annual use or less ($700.00 value) – $0
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee (see https://avacen.com/guarantee for details)

AVACEN 100 Commercial Device: $3,995

    • Developed to meet the continuous availability requirements of professional Customers.
    • AVACEN Medical considers COMMERCIAL USE as usage that exceeds 2 hours a day 7 days a week.
    • Express Warranty Service: Upon determination of device malfunction, AVACEN will replace the device with Express Shipping ($1,300 Value) – $0
    • Additional Vacuum Chamber Insert (VCI) ($149 Value) – $0
    • 100 AVACEN Mitts ($40 Value) – $0
    • 3-Year Commercial Warranty- Over 500 hours annual use ($700 Value) – $0
    • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee (See https://avacen.com/guarantee for details)


How Much Do You Spend On Your Current Treatments?

Most drugs that effectively treat arthritis and other painful conditions come at quite a cost. First, they often require a doctor visit, which is both costly and time consuming. Then they require an IV drip, or an injection, which can be between $1,000 and $3,000 per treatment. While many of these costs may be covered by your insurance, the cost to your body is quite clear in the risk of side effects.

Enbrel risks seizures, bruising, bleeding, rash, swelling, vision changes, dizziness and more.
Remicade side effects include headache, stomach pain, nausea, stuffy nose, rash, redness, and more.

According to MedPage Today, the average cost of having RA can be between $2,000 – $10,000 per year.


Do you want to spend $10,000 a year on RA drugs with painful side effects?

While the AVACEN is NOT a cure for RA, we have seen those suffering from RA and other debilitating diseases stop needing their frequent doctor visits, their monthly injections, and their prescription drugs because of their twice a day AT-HOME treatment with the AVACEN.

In a recent survey, we found that 7 out of 10 AVACEN users stopped taking prescription drugs after they began treatment with the AVACEN 100.


How does the cost of the AVACEN 100 compare to other regimens?

The AVACEN 100 retails for $2995 and has an operating lifetime of 5-10 years which works out to just over $25-$50 per month or $.83 to $1.66 per day. When compared with the cost of current drug alternatives, the AVACEN 100 may likely save you money long-term, if you use it instead of your drug regimen.

Humira (without insurance) – $873 per pen, requires 2 per month = $1746 / month
Enbrel (without insurance) – $1,500 per month
Remicade costs – $1,300 per month
AVACEN 100 – ~$50 per month

We know $2995 may feel like a lot to invest up front, but between the feeling of pain relief, the Money-Back Pain-Free Guarantee, and the savings you can have from your drug regimen the AVACEN 100 may save you up to $1696 per month!

And without the nasty side effects of those heavy drugs. Don’t think it will work? See how the AVACEN 100 got Dr. Tony Allina off his medication.

We believe in our product and know that it works, but we also know that people have pain for different reasons, and this solution doesn’t work for everyone. Which is why it comes with our 60 Day Money-Back Pain-Free Guarantee.

Additional costs associated with the AVACEN 100 when purchasing the unit may include: Shipping, Tax, Additional Warranty, Medical Mitts, and Travel Case.


Does it come with a warranty?

The unit comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty and options to extend the warranty.


Do you offer credit?

We offer a NO CREDIT CHECK Consumer Lease-to-Own Option for $149.50/month. PLEASE CLICK FOR DETAILS

Ready to purchase the AVACEN 100?