AVACEN Heading to Pain Summit Near Chicago



Muehlbauer’s lead product is the AVACEN 100 which safely and noninvasively infuses heat into the circulatory system through the palm of the hand. It reduces viscosity of the blood and the body dissipates this extra heat naturally. Raising the blood temperature at this “single point treatment” (the palm) increases blood temperature throughout the body naturally via the circulatory system. This can benefit the entire body.

Former National Pain Report columnist Arlene Grau tested it on herself and gave it good reviews. Arlene suffers from numerous chronic pain maladies including rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, migraine, and Sjorgren’s disease. Arlene published two reviews on the Avacen 100. Here’s a link to them.

For Summit organizer (and National Pain Report columnist) Gracie Gean Bagosy-Young, the Avacen 100 is exactly the type of device she wants pain patients and sufferers to be able to see, touch and feel. It’s part of why she conceived the conference.

“Our attendees get to actually see and feel most of the devices! We also get the benefit of asking our questions and getting the answers directly from the source. The majority of pain patients are looking for a drug-free solution, so I am sure this will be a popular modality,” she said.

Bagosy-Young, who suffers from chronic pain, said she plans to try it for herself.

Avacen, which is an acronym for Advanced Vascular Circulation Enhancement, was developed by Muehlbauer’s research on how to help his sister in law deal with her migraine headaches.

You place your hand into the AVACEN 100 for a treatment session that ranges from ten to thirty minutes depending on your needs. Instructions are presented on the device Display Screen. If you use the preset AVACEN 100 defaults, only a single button press is required. The AVACEN 100 works with the body’s natural adaptations. People who have used say that it’s easy to use, and noninvasive.

Del Mar, Ca resident Eve Fawcett has used the device for the past three years.

“It helped me immensely with the pain I had from several surgeries and most importantly helped me sleep,” she said.

Arlene Grau echoed those comments in her review. She said it helped her sleep.

“If you suffer from insomnia like I do, then you understand that it’s a big deal,” she wrote.

Santa Barbara physician Dr. Tony Allina suffers from arthritis and had been taking Celebrex to battle the condition and let him live an active. The 70-year old doctor is playing basketball (the oldest guy on the floor is how he describes himself) and tennis a couple of times a week. He’s not taking Celebrex anymore since using the AVACEN.

The device is FDA cleared.