Written Testimonials

“My stepmom Glenda has very bad arthritis and was considering a hip replacement as well as having back and hand pain. She has been using the AVACEN for about 6 weeks and she is so much better. She is taking 90% less anti-inflammatories and about the same for painkillers. She is ecstatic. She is so happy and grateful.” -Submitted by family member of California patient

“THANK YOU AVACEN for finally getting me this miracle machine the AVACEN 100. I just got home from work and I have been using it twice a day , I haven’t had to take any medication and I feel great . First time in four years, I’m Hooked I can’t believe how easy it is to work into my life. 20 min on the machine while I’m meditating with coffee, then off to the dog park with my big dogs, then swimming, then working on my feet , and no meds ha ha!” -Stephanie F.

“I am using the AVACEN twice daily or more… with continued ability to play basketball and tennis without Celebrex.” -Submitted by a Santa Barbara, California Medical Doctor

“My wife has severe longstanding degenerative arthritis with an inflammatory component of the thumbs and fingers. Had to give up piano, gardening, chopping vegetables, and needed to wear thumb splints constantly. After regular use (15 minutes twice daily) of AVACEN she is now back to playing piano, gardening, and chopping vegetables. She can also take lids off jars for the first time in years and no longer wears her splints. She is not pain free but the pain is level 2-3 intensity rather than the 6-8 prior to AVACEN. She can now take her ring off her previously swollen finger and has not been able to do this for years due to the swollen joint.” -Submitted by a licensed Rheumatologist

“I had knee surgery when I was 14. Now I’m 48 and I have terrible knees (I’m sure being a professional dancer didn’t help!). So I started using the machine every night for only 10 minutes to see what would happen. Now I’m on the treadmill daily for 30 minutes with no problem. I even sprint the last few minutes!! Before the AVACEN device I would use the treadmill and limp for a week with nerve pain shooting down my leg!” -Dawn F.

“It was very apparent to me after using the AVACEN machine for two 30 minute sessions daily that I noticed it was taking away the arthritis in my lower back and in my right knee. It now provides me normal ease of motion in getting up from a chair as if I don’t have any arthritis! The AVACEN provides me great relief from these symptoms. I highly recommend this machine to anyone with these symptoms!” -Valerie C.

“My wife started using the AVACEN unit in heat mode twice a day for 10 minutes. Within a couple weeks the muscle spasms in her back began to diminish and were almost completely gone within a couple months. Her stiff neck was gone as well. We did not really track it well but one day she noticed the pain was gone after many years. No need for the massage therapy.” -Bill M.


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