Trade-In / Trade-Up Program

Get the Latest AVACEN® Device

Introducing AVACEN® Trade-In / Trade-Up Program

Save big when you trade-in or trade-up for the latest AVACEN Medical device!


Through July 30, 2024, AVACEN Medical is offering an opportunity to trade in any AVACEN device for our new AVACEN HOME XL™ or the AVACEN PRO+™.

Receive $2,000 off MSRP of the new device if the manufacturing date of the trade-in device is less than 36 months old. Older trade-in devices receive $1,500 off MSRP of the new device.

Just complete the form below to be considered, including proof of purchase, current device serial number, as well as top, sides, and bottom images of the current device. To qualify, trade-in devices must be in “good condition.” Those not in good condition will be offered a “customer appreciation” discount of $500 off MSRP.

If approved, a code will be issued and the trade-in device must be returned for condition verification. Sender pays shipping fees (if using UPS or FEDEX, insurance is not required).

Upon final inspection and approval, AVACEN Medical sends users an “Unique Discount Code” to purchase a new device.  AVACEN Medical pays shipping fees for the new devices.

ACTIVE AVACEN DISTRIBUTORS will receive normal commission percentages based on a promotional commission value.

NOTE: AVACEN Medical reserves the right to refuse this offer for any reason. 30-day Money-back guarantee does not apply in this program.

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