The Science Behind AVACEN®

Our breakthrough heat therapy technology offers a simple, affordable, easy-to-use solution to address your health concerns

AVACEN®: Single Point Treatment

With patented, FDA Cleared Class II medical devices, AVACEN’s cutting edge technology combines heat therapy with negative pressure to increase local circulation into a unique vascular network, located in the palm of the hand. Raising the blood temperature at this “single point treatment” (the palm) increases blood temperature throughout the body naturally via the circulatory system. This can benefit the entire body.

blood circulation

Mechanism of Action

Understanding the Avacen® Treatment Method (ATM)
hand circulation with AVACEN medical

Step 1

  • Palm used as noninvasive portal into circulatory system
  • Heat expands AVA blood pool
blood circulation with AVACEN® Medical device

Step 2

  • Heat and vacuum continuously applied
  • Heat expands AVA blood pool
  • Viscosity reduced
  • Maintain Vasodilation
circulation in pain points

Step 3

  • Body affected systemically
  • Increased microcirculation radiates excess heat
  • Deep tissue oxygenation and nutrition delivered increased
  • CO2 and waste removed
microcirculation before and after image

Blood Flow

Before & After AVACEN®

Increasing blood flow ensures that ample oxygen and nutrients are delivered locally to target tissue, while carbon dioxide and waste products are removed.

See the AVACEN® difference during a 20-minute treatment on the Non-Treatment Hand – Ring Finger.

Before: Image shows the capillaries constricted

After: Image shows capillaries filled with blood

AVACEN Medical®


Top Health Professionals and Practitioners agree that the AVACEN® Medical device is changing the way we approach chronic health issues today

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Experiences: Clinicians

doctor profile

Arthritis in the Hands

“She [my wife] had terrible arthritis in her hands. I had treated her with injections, with physical therapy, with splints…and nothing was really helping. I was really impressed. It has no side effects and many patients are able to stop taking some of their medications.”

Robert Klein, M.D.*, Internal Medicine & Rheumatology; Santa Barbara, CA


Safe and Effective

“When I started to test the machine in my clinic…I was very surprised how well and how quickly we saw a response in people. We’ve used this machine [for] over 5,000 treatments…it is safe, it is effective…and I recommend it to all my patients.”

Nathan Newman, M.D.*, Cosmetic Surgeon; Beverly Hills, CA


Walking without Pain

“I bought an AVACEN machine, tried it, and [have] been using it steadily over a year, year and a half. It has worked miraculously. I no longer take any Celebrex. I can walk without pain.”

Tony Allina, M.D., Family Physician; Santa Barbara, CA

The above statements represent the views and experiences of the individuals, and do not represent the views or statements of any company.  The statements are for educational purposes only and have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Results may vary by individual and using AVACEN devices may come with risks.  Please consult your healthcare professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product.

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