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What is the difference between the AVACEN HOME device and the AVACEN Professional device?


The AVACEN HOME Device is for household use only. It includes 25 reusable mitts, a User Guide, a power cord and supply. It is everything you need to start your AVACEN treatments.

The AVACEN PRO+ Device is for professionals use only. The AVACEN PRO+ features:

  • Color Touch Screen
  • Video and Sound
  • Robust Design – Extended Life
  • Larger Hand Accommodation
  • Extended Treatment Sessions
  • Pop-On, Pop-Off Cuff
  • Unlimited Language Support

The AVACEN PRO+ includes 100 reusable mitts, 100 brochures, a User Guide, a power cord and supply, and a Commercial license for use.

How do I use the AVACEN device?

Simply place your hand into the AVACEN device for a comfortable treatment session. Session duration can range from ten to thirty minutes depending on your needs. Easy to understand instructions are presented on the device Display Screen. If you use the preset AVACEN device defaults, only a single button press is required! The AVACEN device works with the body’s natural adaptations. It’s easy to use and noninvasive.

What is the AVACEN Treatment Method?

AVACEN uses the AVACEN Treatment Method (ATM) – a noninvasive pain management technology platform for people at normal body temperature. This technology platform uses a microprocessor controlled chamber to surround the hand with a slight negative pressure, while adding heat to the palm. This negative pressure gently expands the volume of blood in the palm’s unique vascular networks while heat is simultaneously transferred from the computer managed palm pad into these expanded vascular networks.

Is it beneficial switching hands every other treatment?

We have witnessed increased blood flow in the treatment arm using Doppler ultrasound.

This would increase elasticity in the arteries of the treatment arm.

Should the arteries of the arms become narrowed or blocked, this may cause a lack of blood supply (ischemia) to the fingers and hands. Pain then could occur in the arms and hands. With severe blockages, the tissue may die (gangrene), requiring the fingers and toes to be amputated.

So if we can increase elasticity in the arteries in both arms by switching treatment hands, that is a positive thing.

Can’t I just put my hand into some very warm water?

No. The body has a thermoregulation system that protects it from too much external heat or cold. The key to this regulation process is the body’s ability to vasoconstrict (close) the heat exchange vascular networks; this happens when the hand is placed in very warm water. The AVACEN methodology uses negative pressure to dilate (open) these networks in the palm so it can continue to infuse heat at a safely managed level.

Is the AVACEN device for me?

Are you dissatisfied with your current pain treatment regimen? Are you looking for a drug-free alternative with no side effects? If yes, then the AVACEN could be exactly what you’re looking for. The AVACEN device is the answer for many people who need or prefer an easy-to-use, drug-free alternative for temporary relief of pain, which might be associated with a variety of chronic and acute medical conditions.

Besides avoiding the detrimental effect of possible damage to the heart or liver by some pain medications, you may want to try the AVACEN because of an insufficient response to pain medications, as a drug-free alternative if you are pregnant, nursing, or pre-pregnancy, or if you simply are looking for a healthy and homeopathic solution. You still need to consult with a Doctor before using the AVACEN device if you are under 18 years of age, are pregnant, have a history of heart disease, blood circulation problems, have a temperature higher than 99.5ºF or any other medical concerns.

Will the AVACEN device work for me?

Chances are yes, but we honestly cannot know for sure until you try it out. About 1 out of 10 users report low or no pain relief, which is why we created our Money-Back GuaranteeWe believe in the pain relief properties of AVACEN devices, and want to ensure you face as little risk as possible when testing out this new treatment method. Will you be in the 90% of users that feel better when using AVACEN devices? Will you be in the 70% of AVACEN users that no longer need their prescription drugs? There is only one way to find out.

For details on our Money-Back Guarantee, please CLICK HERE.

Can it really be that simple?

Increasing your body’s blood temperature from within your vascular network, rather than from outside with the use of a spa, sauna, or heating pad is the key to the entire process. The palm of the hand is one of the best places for applied heat therapy because of the unique network of blood vessels that exists very close to the skin.

When your body naturally heats up, it pumps more blood to your hands and feet to dissipate the excess heat. That’s why you can stick your foot out of the covers at night and cool off so easily. The AVACEN has reversed that process to help you improve your body’s microcirculation.

While this method seems simple, it was actually overlooked as a treatment solution because, except for the intentional creation of hyperthermia to treat cancer, the primary purpose for infusing heat into the circulatory system was to move people suffering from extreme cold and shock to normal body temperature as safely as possible. And when the body recovered, the job was done and there was no need for further warming or testing.

Our patented AVACEN Treatment Method (ATM) continues infusing heat into the circulatory system for people with a normal body temperature. The result is the body works to dissipate this unwanted infusion of heat by pumping warmed blood through deep tissue, causing blood vessels and capillaries throughout the body to expand in order to dissipate this excess heat. This normal thermal-exchange process is called radiation. This results in significant benefits for arthritis and muscular relaxation.

What is the cost?

As little as $2995

The AVACEN can be purchased for as little as $2995 and has an operating lifetime of 5 years which works out to $49.92 per month or $1.66 a day!

How soon can I expect to receive my order once it is placed?

AVACEN orders usually ship in one to two business days, but can ship up to 5 business days after accepted.

What is the warranty?

The AVACEN device has a minimum useful life of 5 years.

The AVACEN device comes with a 3-Year Warranty.

At the time of purchase a 5-Year Warranty can be added for a minimal amount.

What if I want to return the device?

For Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), please visit the following link:

Repairs – RMA

Are there any payment plans?

Yes.  When purchasing, look for the Klarna “See if you’re prequalified” button.  You will be required to fill out a short credit application. In most cases approval takes a few minutes. 

Will my insurance or Medicare pay for the AVACEN device?

Unfortunately at this time, insurance or Medicare does not cover this medical device. Even though the AVACEN device brings relief to the suffering of patients that have found no other remedy for their pain, in the eyes of the insurance companies, the AVACEN device is currently considered experimental technology.

The necessary studies to qualify the AVACEN device to be covered by insurance will cost millions of dollars and could take many years. Therefore, we have decided not to take the reimbursement path for the time being in order to make the AVACEN device available today at a reduced cost (such studies could add 75% to the eventual device cost).

If you have a Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA), you may be able to purchase the AVACEN using that option.

Do I need a prescription?

No. The AVACEN device is an over-the-counter (OTC) Class II medical device cleared by the FDA. A prescription is not needed but before purchasing, please read the User Guide which contains information on Intended Use, Instructions, Contraindications, Warnings and Precautions.

Can the AVACEN device be shared?

Yes. The AVACEN device includes numerous ease-of-use and and safety innovations. One of these is the custom mitt which allows multiple users to experience AVACEN device benefits when sharing a single machine.

How long should one mitt last under normal use?

One mitt should last a single user 2-3 months under normal twice daily use. The package of 25 mitts that arrives with the AVACEN device should last one user at least 4 years or 2 years for two users. Mitts should only be reused by the same person.

Are there any negative side effects to using the AVACEN device?

The AVACEN device noninvasive treatment method, mitt and the relatively low heat transfer temperature minimizes potential safety problems. No serious negative side effects have been observed using the AVACEN Treatment Method in over 20 million treatments.

What else should I know about the AVACEN device?

For more details on Contraindications, Warnings and Precautions, view the AVACEN 100 User Guide.

Are AVACEN devices FDA 510(k) Cleared?

Yes. AVACEN devices are Class II Medical devices, cleared as heat therapy systems indicated for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness; the temporary relief of joint pain associated with arthritis, muscle spasms, minor strains, and minor sprains; muscular relaxation; and the temporary increase in local circulation where applied. See Document

What is the difference between the AVACEN HOME, HOME+, HOME XL, and PRO+, and the AVACEN HOME R2, HOME+ R2, HOME XL R3, and PRO+ R3?

The AVACEN series of devices use gentle heat therapy and negative pressure to increase local circulation and infuse heat into the unique vascular network in the palm of your hand. We refer to this unique heat infusion as the ‘AVACEN single point treatment,’ and most professionals agree that heat can be effective in pain management and aiding muscle relaxation.

The AVACEN HOME, HOME+, HOME XL, and PRO+ devices are FDA Cleared, Class II medical devices and are sold only in the United States. They are not eligible for export to any country. The AVACEN HOME R2, HOME+ R2, HOME XL R3 and PRO+ R3 are devices sold internationally for personal use only, and are not marketed, sold or distributed as medical devices; nor do they qualify for any medical claims or indications, implicit or implied.

R2 and R3 separate our US medical devices from our international relaxation devices, as well as denote the device generations: R2 encompasses our HOME and HOME+ devices, which are second-generation devices, while R3 includes our HOME XL and PRO+, representing our third-generation devices.

Who developed the AVACEN Home Device and The AVACEN Treatment Method?

The AVACEN device and The AVACEN Treatment Method (ATM) were invented and developed by AVACEN Medical of San Diego, California. Both the AVACEN and AVACEN Treatment Method are protected by one or more of the following U.S. patents: 8,679,170; 9,066,781, 9,192,509,  9,687,385, 10,537,464 and multiple international equivalents.

Why is my hand red, itching, spotted, or my fingers swollen after an AVACEN Treatment?

The AVACEN Treatment Metiod used by the device requires negative pressure to pull more blood into your hand to be warmed and keep the vascular system from vasoconstricting. The effect of this is to increase the blood flow under the skin which accounts for the temporary swelling and/or redness. New users may also experience an itching or small spots on the back of the hand which are caused my new blood flow opening small vessel paths for the first time and are not serious and should disappear in a few days after initial use.

Results may vary by individual and using AVACEN devices may come with risks. Please consult your healthcare professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product.

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