Practitioners and customers share their real-life experiences with AVACEN

AVACEN Medical® Experiences

Doctors, practitioners, and clinicians trust AVACEN Medical. Learn about their personal AVACEN experiences and patient results in our gallery of EXPERIENCES.

Customer Experiences

We love sharing Experiences from real people who have undergone many health challenges and were able to use AVACEN to improve their battle with chronic pain, arthritis, joint pain or just enjoy muscular relaxation. Watch these video experiences and stay tuned for more in the future as we include them on our social media channels.

It’s Unbelievable

“I was in a car accident…where I had a back fusion [surgery]. I also have a collapsed disc in my neck. Instead of having more surgery, I decided to try the AVACEN® 100…and I cannot believe the results I am getting. The biggest thing for me is that I don’t have to take any medication, and that’s unbelievable.” Stephanie F.; Las Vegas, NV

No Side Effects

“I have had very, very bad rheumatoid arthritis in my hands since I was in my early 20s. Sometimes the pain was just too much. So I did try it [AVACEN®]…for the next 5-7 days, no pain whatsoever. The same thing with headaches…I felt much more rejuvenated, much fresher. I used to take painkillers every single day. No side effects whatsoever.” Eva; Beverly Hills, CA

Return to Normal Function

“I couldn’t open jars. I couldn’t use a knife. I have had injections and anti-inflammatories and it was getting to be a real problem not being able to use my hands at all. All of a sudden,  I started doing things without thinking. I just returned to normal function. In two weeks, I felt that my hands were fine.” Lynn, C.; Santa Barbara, CA

AVACEN Celebrity Experiences

90th Academy Awards Celebrity Gift Lounge

Chuck Liddell, Jordin Sparks, Rigan Machado, Chris Noth, and many more.

Smash Global MMA Black Tie Fight Night

Rigan Machado, Kristian Prenga, and many more!!!

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