Super Sponsor of the BioStacking Summit


AVACEN Medical is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Dr. Cohn’s BioStacking Summit, April 21 – 28, 2024.

Enjoy 8 days of free virtual access to exclusive interviews with BioStackers that are taking health to the next level. Register to attend a rich program of presentations, live interactions on social media, and download free gifts from Sponsor and Speakers.

We are excited to sponsor this event with a special offer to VIP members.  Register for this epic summit as a VIP member and get access to VIP Perks, Bonus Reels, and Giveaways.

AVACEN Medical is offering $500 off our AVACEN HOME Model for every VIP Member.  You will receive a promo code when you register for the BioStacking Summit.

Finally, thank you for Dr. Matthew Einsohn, ND for joining Dr. Howard Cohn from the Cohn Health Institute to talk about Microcirculation, Stress, the CSS Unit, and how Dr. Einsohn has been using the AVACEN Products in his practice over the years.

Watch the Video Interview here from the BioStacking Summit

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