Top Doc Feature | AVACEN PRO+ Product Launch: Pain and Stress Relief in the Palm of Your Hand!

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Written by Gaye Newton

Millions of people live with chronic pain and stress. If you’re one of them, you may have tried to manage a deep pain that never really goes away. Pain medication only masks the pain, doesn’t cure anything, and poses the risk of unpleasant side effects. As a result, so many people are resigned to spending their lives in pain.

But what if you could get convenient and safe relief without medication? What if the answer was literally in the palm of your hand?

AVACEN is a unique thermotherapy device that temporarily relieves muscle and joint pain and stiffness including those associated with arthritis, promotes muscular relaxation and increases circulation. Imagine a walk in the park without fighting the usual jolt of pain! Think about having a sense of calm and relaxation! Picture lifting your child or grandchild pain-free!

This powerful device is noninvasive, drug-free and easy to use. You also get the tremendous healing benefits associated with activating the parasympathetic from placing your hand in this small device and resting the palm of one hand on a heat transfer pad while it is subjected to negative pressure!

AVACEN Medical is about to launch its third model, the PRO+. With PRO+, there is new hope on the horizon for more people to experience safe life-changing pain relief.

AVACEN Origins

AVACEN is the invention of Thomas G. Muehlbauer. He and Danielle J. Forsgren founded AVACEN Medical in 2009 as the CEO and CMO. Their product originated from an effort to help a relative alleviate migraine pain.

“She’d had over 20 years of chronic migraines,” Muehlbauer said. “I had been working with Stanford University researchers on rapidly cooling the human body. I found research on helping women with thyroid conditions by raising their core body temperature. Nobody ever thought of warming the body above normothermia for migraine pain relief. Cooling was always the accepted practice.”

But warming worked for migraines and so many more symptoms. AVACEN became a simple pain relief solution with excellent results. They now have a practitioners’ model and one for home use, with the third one just about to launch!

The AVACEN Devices There are no big, bulky machines swallowing up your whole body or office space. No needles or wires to endure. No medications to take. No long hours to sit or lie through while covered in nothing but a hospital gown.

The AVACEN device is 15.5″ x 8.0″ x 8.5″. To use it, you put your hand inside a clear mitt, then push your covered hand through a cuff into the main negative pressure chamber. The cuff inflates as a digital vacuum motor seals around the mitt covered hand, which rests on a heat-transfer aluminum pad. The device applies dry heat for typically 20 to 30 minutes. And that’s it!

While your hand is occupied, the rest of you is free to chat with your family, read a book, watch TV, read your emails or take a nap.

“Our device has always been a bit of a disruptor,” Forsgren said. “We’re noninvasive, and we help your entire body through the palm of a hand. So, we have to educate people about how Tom found this incredible way to open up this portal that warms your whole body.”

After over 20 million treatments, there have been no adverse events reported. AVACEN Medical has been awarded five United States and 12 international patents for AVACEN.

How Does AVACEN Work? AVACEN introduces heat into the circulatory system through high-volume blood vessels located in the palm of the hand.

The heat increases microcirculation and reduces blood thickness. Microcirculation refers to blood flow through the smallest blood vessels which make up approximately 74% of the body’s vascular system, which deliver nutrition and oxygen to tissues and helps regulate blood pressure and core-body


“With poor circulation, the blood can’t get to where it’s needed, and you may experience pain in your feet, extremities and fingersAVACEN helps push that blood through those vessels,” Forsgren explained.

The hand is simply put in the device, and it warms the blood, relaxes the muscles and increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients while taking away toxins. It’s a simple and safe way to relax the body by activation of the parasympathetic.

The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for the body’s rest and digestion response when the body is relaxed, resting or feeding. It basically undoes the work of sympathetic division after a stressful


“When you meditate or practice yoga, you go into this relaxing parasympathetic state. Muscular relaxation also activates the parasympathetic system. And when you relax, you heal,” Muehlbauer said.

It is also quite easy to use.

“Making it as easy as possible for the end-user was especially important for our home device. So, you just push one button and relax. The device does the rest,” Muehlbauer added.

Launching a New Model: The PRO+ After three years of intensive development AVACEN Medical launched the PRO+ at the April 202American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine/Metabolic Medical Institute (A4M) conference. This device is a heat therapy system indicated for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness; the temporary relief of joint pain associated with arthritis, muscle spasms, minor strains and sprains; muscular relaxation; and the

“It’s an absolutely hi-tech device,” Muehlbauer said. “It improves our existing PRO device by adding: a color touch screen; support for larger hands; Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and RFID support for custom AVACEN Apps. It uses more durable parts that makes it five times more reliable than the current PRO device. The redesign also

includes a pop-on/pop-off cuff for easier and less expensive repair of a damaged bladder. In addition, more memory allows support for over 100 languages. With the 10 times faster processor, we were able to add

educational and relaxing videos, plus proven deep healing meditation music.”

The AVACEN system is a promising device for people living with chronic pain. The new PRO+ model is set to give access to relief to an even larger population. In addition to pain and stress relief, all models benefit users through:

Ease of use: AVACEN device requires only one hand, and there are no complicated instructions or settings. Convenient sizeAVACEN device is small enough to carry easily and operate yourself. No needles, wires or medications. Brief, 20-to-30-minute sessions.

A Parting Reminder

“We are all about helping your body get back to where it wants to be,” Forsgren said, “We have over 4,000 firmware instructions in the AVACEN device which allow the body to better itself.”

AVACEN Medical continues to research new uses for their devices. They have already identified areas that show exceptional promise and are working on new capabilities to make the device even more useful.

“We’ve been taking this journey for 14 years, and we’re still learning new device uses every day from customers who love to constantly share their and others’ surprise experiences,” Forsgren said. “It was all about helping our family when we began. Today, we are still all about helping family, it’s just that our family now extends around the world.”

The future is bright for the people whose lives AVACEN improves. Chronic pain does not have to remain chronic. There is a solution right in the palm of your hand: AVACEN!






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